Healthcare Billing Associates Inc.

About us

The staff of Healthcare Billing Associates, Inc., is comprised of experienced, highly skilled, dedicated professionals. Areas of expertise include coding, billing and collections; reimbursement analysis and optimization; customer service; and practice assessment. Credentials are held in coding, nursing, and practice administration. And, a significant portion of our staff brings 25 years or more of experience in these fields to their roles in the company. At Healthcare Billing Associates, we customize our skill sets accordingly to meet the unique needs and requirements of each client, so that state of the art medical billing and consulting services are delivered most effectively and efficiently.

    A representative will be assigned to manage your practice's account specifically and will interact with your patients personally and knowledgeably about their billing concerns. Quality service at the physician, staff and patient level is key to satisfaction and success for all parties involved. It is our mission to apply our vast array of skills and talents professionally, timely and responsively as your partner in management of your accounts receivable and related practice issues.